The Construction Of My First Loft

I've been planning on entering the sport of racing homers for about two years. During those two years, I was unable to get started in the sport, as I was renting a house rather than buying. Since I knew I had to wait, I began trying to teach myself about the sport by borrowing library books, visiting local flyers, reading magazines, and web surfing. My racing homer web site is even an extension of my ongoing learning process. I also had
Basic Carpentry, by Sunset Books proved to be an excellent source of information for the beginner. (ISBN 0-376-01580-2, $12.95 US)
never constructed anything of significance, so I began to try to educate myself on general framing construction practices by looking at books, videos, and talking with others experienced in building things.

After months of planning, saving, and hard work, my wife and I finally have selected and purchased our first home together. The time is now to begin the construction process. I have decided to document my experience on the web in hope that my successes and failures may benefit others also just starting out. Taking the time to document what I do will also help me develop a better understanding of what I am doing, so this will be a benefit for me, as well.

Questions, comments, and suggestions about my work is welcome. You may contact me via email at, or share your words publicly on the discussion board.

Wish me luck!

Scott Redd

On to Construction Overview