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Overview Of Construction

As a busy new homeowner with a full time day job, young family, and with
Loft Dimensions
Length20 feet
Width8 feet
Height9 feet front; 8 feet back
no real construction experience, a project such as this will take me a lot longer than one might expect. However, where possible, I will include a timetable of my work just to show a real example of the time investment involved.

Any big project is almost always made easier and more managable by breaking it up into several smaller subprojects. Listed below are the subprojects that make up the whole of my project.

The system beneath the loft which will secure it into place and keep it from shifting or sinking into the ground, or simply falling over.

The part of the loft which will be built upon and walked upon. Birds aren't very heavy, but people are, so this structure should be as sturdy as any typical floor structure.

Walls enclose the loft keeping out undesirable things such as rain, snow, excessive sun, cold, vermin, cats, dogs, etc, while keeping in desirable things, such as your birds. The walls will also bear the weight of the roof, and will be used to anchor many of the lofts fixtures.

A roof is similar to a wall, except for the fact that it's over your head. It's all a matter of perspective.

Fixtures are what transforms the completed structure from an ordinary outdoor shed into a specialized racing loft.
Questions, comments, and suggestions are most welcome. You may email me at or place your words online on the discussion board.

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